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hey there, websurfer. i'm theredlumas2 and i'm an idiot. a self proclaimed idiot.
this idea for a website just popped up into my head one day and i was like: 'sure, why not'.
i like playing games, like Advance Wars and Team Fortress 2 [DEMOKNIGHT GAMING]
and also like stuff from the early 2000's and the Y2K era where everyone was way too scared
for a new millenium because computers would stop working. so yeah, check out the rest of my website! and sign my guestbook or follow
and with all that crap out of the way, enjoy my coffee-induced center tag spam.

i've decided to blog on spacehey. i will still update this blog, but not often.

opinion on the state of Halo + blog update 11/09/2023

hey, isn't that date familiar? eh, whatever.
i think it's no secret that halo is probably one of the biggest shooter franchises out there. even though it was released on a console behind both playstation and nintendo [something i find funny is how nintendo managed to be the 1st place selling console with their mii games] it was still way too popular.
then bungie decided to dip. and they're never returning. after bungie left [screw brexit the microsoft-bungie seperation was the real event] a ton of shit happened [FIRST REDLUMA CURSE WORD OMGOMG!!!11111!!!] and suddenly 343 started making halo games which made the entire fanbase do a FRICKING RIOT.
Halo 4 was good, even though i've only played like the first mission lmao but it was fun so far. halo 5 was terrible. i'm not someone who cares about stories [until i played hi-fi rush] but halo 5's was just... terrible.
and then infinite. infinite is an okay game, but it just doesn't feel the same as older Halo games. also, it's missing a ton of things from older games: energy sword, Firefight, some others. but honestly, it's fine. it's just fine.
it gets undeserved hate however. seriously, all the comments i've seen on halo's recent posts on Xbox community are just hating on halo - like come on, look at the bright side. at least it's not Halo 5.

you may have noticed that there's a lot more words before a line break. yeah, i'm doing that now.
i want to make this feel like an actual blog instead of a few html tags and a paragraph. i was thinking of moving the blog to Tumblr, but i'm not really sure about that. zonelets seems cool however, might try that. i've also been inspired by the blog used on the Spamton Sweepstakes event [yes i know it's been like a year since that happpened.] so yeah, bye.

22/08/2023 i forgot to log some changes that weren't made today, but here they all are:
joined the null webring, changed the rainbow line to not be 4 different rainbow lines and actually just be one image that streches across the screen

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